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$1.2 Million Historic Renovation of Orville-Huntress Building Complete

Manhattan, Kan. (June 19, 2018, Press Release)

Owner and operator of Steve’s Floral continues investment in downtown.

Jan Miller, in collaboration with Blade Mages, owner of Manhattan-based marketing agency 502, Timber & Stone Architecture, BHS Construction and Landmark National Bank recently completed improvements to the nearly 140 year-old Orville-Huntress building, located on the corner of Third Street and Poyntz Avenue.

Miller purchased the building in 2010.

“It was a huge bet, but I love downtown and believe in Manhattan. It was a risk I was willing to take.”

— Jan Miller

8 years later, the building is home to Steve’s Floral, The Winged Lion, and The Village Geek. Each tenant space in the building has been completely remodeled including a 4,000 square foot second-floor space for the property’s newest tenant 502, a strategic marketing agency.

“Two years ago, Jan approached us with the idea that we would team up and remodel the second floor of her building. We toured the space and were blown away by its potential,” said Mages, owner of 502. “We began talking ideas and set out on what would be a two year adventure to convert the space into the new home for our firm.

As of June 1, 502 has relocated from the Marshall Theater building to the new space on Third and Poyntz. The modern, open concept office features a conference room which overlooks Poyntz Avenue, and a bar-themed employee break area featuring a copper/walnut bar and beer on tap.

“I think that the space fits the culture of 502 quite well. It’s open yet professional. Historic yet contemporary. When you experience the space you can’t help but feel inspired and creative,” Miller said.

“I’m so excited to see the life and activity that these changes have brought to not only my building but to the downtown neighborhood. Downtown is alive and well, and I’ve been honored to be a part of this district for over 30 years.”

— Jan Miller

  • What is not said is that Jan Miller only gave KHCA Angel 95.3fm only three weeks notice to vacate after they were building tenants for 27 years. I am super proud of 502 Media utilizing the space well. Proud of 502 Media. Jan Miller started rumor that they owed back rent which was not true. She said and hoped that KHCA owner could be friends still after their forty years knowing each other. I am glad there are other flowerists in town to support too.

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