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Bandit Coffee + Café to Open in Manhattan Regional Airport

Opening on Monday, Bandit Coffee + Cafe will be open 4:30am – 6pm every day. The Bandit Crew is not new to the coffee game. The company was established in 2016 and sold online-only merchandise, gaining all of their customers from social media.

“Now more than ever consumers have more choices and are more educated when it comes to the brands they want to purchase. It was important to us not to be just another coffee company. We wanted to create a brand and a lifestyle. Something that people could really resonate with. That’s how we came up with the Bandit,” Meyer said.

“We knew that if we wanted to make a large footprint in the coffee game we needed to be different than everyone else.” Co-owner and creative director Adrianne Meyer said.

In May, the Manhattan City Commission approved a three-year lease with Bandit Coffee and Café, with paying $700 in rent and 2.5% of its sales to the city each month.

The coffee is sourced from Peru and roasted in small batches. “Our quality of coffee is really like the top-of-the-line coffee,” Meyer said.

The café is set to feature sandwhiches and breakfast from Mr. K’s Cafe and all dairy products will be sourced from Hildebrand Farms Dairy in Junction City.

For years going in and out of coffee shops, both Frederick and Adrianne had made it a part of their daily regimen to wake up and drink coffee. Whether heading through a drive-through or their local coffee shop, there were a few things that consistently happened. Bad tasting, highly acidic coffee, unpleasant vibes in the popular shops, and bad effects of the coffee such as jitters and acid reflux. Both knew that there had to be an alternative option. So “The Bandit” was created.

The Bandit was created by the working man, for the working man; the ones who don’t quit until the job is done. It was designed with the heart and soul for those who desire more. It was made for the ones who still believe in the “Code of the West.” The ones who still recognize loyalty, honor, respect and hospitality.

“We believe that everyone has a little Bandit in them and it is our goal to make sure everyone leaves feeling that way.”

A bandit is able to handle any given situation without instruction; someone who draws outsides the lines, is fearless and driven in their pursuits and walks to the beat of their own drum. 

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