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Bluefire Med Proves New Primary Care Model with Strong Success in First Year

On September 1st, 2017, BlueFire Med opened their doors to the Manhattan community as the first direct primary care clinic. The innovative concept behind BlueFire Med is meant to provide personal, affordable care without the hassle and interference of insurance.

The clinic has two partners, Andrew Pope, MD and Mikki McCoy-Minocha, MD who have a combined 26 years of medical practice. Instead of having 2,000 to 3,000 patients as you might have in a typical production, Dr. Pope and Dr. Minocha will only have about 600 each by design.

“At BlueFire Med, the average cost for care is around $50 a month. That includes physician access for patients via text, email, phone, or in office visits for as long as needed, no more copays or surprise bills. We also offer close to wholesale prices for medications, lab work, and imaging. Most people save of 90% or more on the cost of their meds, imaging, and labs,” Dr. Pope said.

“We want to practice medicine and deliver care in a way consistent with the values that led us into medicine in the first place. We want to put patients first, without a third party (insurance, government) getting in the way,” said Dr. Pope.

Dr. Pope also emphasized, “we chose Manhattan for our clinic because it is a truly unique and wonderful community to work and live in. Regarding primary care, the community is underserved and needs several more physicians to meet the increasing demand for primary care.”

BlueFire Med has grown much more rapidly than projected, mostly by word of mouth. “Manhattan has been very forward thinking in accepting a new approach to primary care,” said Dr. Pope.

“We are focused on our clinic and its continued growth at this time. I believe that in a few more years, we will likely add more physicians and locations. We are also working with local employers as well as individuals and families to provide care. Many employers are looking for ways to provide benefits for their employees,” Dr. Pope said.

“Virtually unlimited primary care for one low monthly fee is a pretty good benefit to offer for the employee and even their families. We can even help employers to find insurance plans that work well with our model of care to give comprehensive coverage for patients that may be significantly more affordable than the traditional approach.”

Dr. Pope encouraged, “if you have a dream and are passionate about it, then dive in. Have a plan, leverage experience/knowledge from those who have come before, and be willing to work hard. That will get you 99% of the way there.”

BlueFire Med will have a ribbon cutting on Tuesday, July 10th at 4pm, that patients and the public are welcome to celebrate in.

BlueFire Med is located at 2314 Anderson Ave. and can be reached at 785-539-9218. Additional information is also available online at

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