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Blue Vista Venue will Overlook Tuttle Creek Reservoir.

Many venues in the Manhattan market are primarily known for their unique features, offering Flint Hills experiences, retreat houses, downtown proximity, or even a hilltop winery. Now, there’s a venue set to open this spring that will offer something new; astounding lake views, thoughtful details, and a ton of fun.

Insert Blue Vista. Sitting on a crest, overlooking Tuttle Creek Reservoir, Blue Vista includes modern spaces for events, a fifty acre site with trails for exploration, and a variety of ways to relax. Guests have the rare opportunity to eat locally grown food, rent Jeeps, and utilize three nearby parks through immersive experiences such as kayaking, camping, hiking, horse riding, and premier mountain biking.


“We felt this amazing vista needed to be shared,” said the Vennums.

“The first time we saw the land, our jaws literally dropped. It looked more like the rolling, cedar covered hills of Michigan or Colorado.. than anything we thought could be in Kansas. Even with the large spaces that we’re creating, the goal is to have minimal visual impact by using the natural ingredients on the site (limestone and cedar,) simple forms, and wide sight lines,” husband and wife owners, Amber and Drew Vennum said.

Tours have just begun and Blue Vista is now accepting bookings for events in 2018 (weddings and receptions, business meetings and retreats, spring formals, etc.). The tours are construction tours, and the Vennums encourage that a little imagination. Blue Vista is planning to have a soft launch in mid-April and be fully operational by May 12th.


“We originally just wanted to move to a small place in the country to give our kids (4, 1, and 1) a chance to roam and explore, but the beauty of the Flint Hills and the warmth of the local community inspired us to make something bigger happen,” Drew said.

“We realized that through Blue Vista, we could wrap many of our passions and talents into one; supporting families and communities in strengthening their ties, increasing access to and protecting the amazing resource that is the Flint Hills, and understanding and appreciating where food comes from and how to grow your own,” said Drew and Amber.

 Guest house including multiple bedrooms, lounge spaces, and everything needed for a successful event.
Guest house including multiple bedrooms, lounge spaces, and everything needed for a successful event.

Accordingly, customers will be able to select 1 of 6 local non-profits that align with the mission of Blue Vista to give 3.5% of the revenue (not profit) from their purchase to.

“We look forward to digging our roots deeper into this awesome community!” Drew and Amber noted.

Visit Blue Vista’s website for more information about their background and mission, community resources, and daily construction updates. More details about the venue and product rentals, lodging options, and future events can be found there as well.

Drew Vennum, Owner



Facebook: facebook.com/bluevistaks

Instagram: @bluevistaks

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