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Co-packing start-up, Bev-Hub, exponentially increases production with opening of Manhattan facility

June 30, 2021

June 30, 2021

Three year old, Bev-Hub, has grown quickly, by focusing on supporting newer beverage companies and helping them test and scale products. The move to Manhattan is a massive opportunity to scale production for their clients. “In 2018, which was our first year, our goal was packing 100,000 bottles to be able to sell,” McDonald said. The expansion into the Manhattan facility represents exponential growth. “This year, we have SKU to do about 125 million cans this year. To give a comparison, we had a goal for 100,000 cans our first year in Wichita. I did 96,000 cans yesterday.”

Survey Results: Business Impact of COVID-19

May 12, 2020

May 12, 2020

MANHATTAN, KS (May 11, 2020) – The Greater Manhattan Economic Partnership invited major employers in the region to complete a...

City Commission Approves $500K Emergency Business Assistance

March 31, 2020

March 31, 2020 1

This story is breaking and will be updated as new information is received. For the most accurate, realtime information, please...