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Prairie Salt Therapy is Open for Business

We’ve all heard of popular forms of body and mind therapy such as float therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, meditation and so on. However, there’s a new trend in town: salt therapy, located in Westloop near Bellus Academy. Let’s get to know the team and their passion for this business.

Who are we speaking with? My name is Dr. Wendy Wheeler Dietrich. My business partners are Dr. Scott Dietrich, and Dr. Braden Lawson, who are all Athletic Trainers experienced in sport performance

What led you to open this business? Our original exposure to Halotherapy (or dry salt therapy) occurred when my husband and I were searching for a way to treat our young son’s asthma. Our son, as with many young children who have issues with breathing from asthma to allergies, was not easily treated with pharmaceuticals. Often decongestants are unavailable for this population and medication caused many unwanted side effects. The May 2017 article in Pediatric Pulmonology found that children with asthma who were treated with Halotherapy twice a week for 7 weeks had fewer episodes of constrictions and spasms that cause asthma symptoms. We tried Halotherapy and found an all-natural homeopathic solution to our son’s breathing issues and sinus congestion, and gratefully our own allergy related issue resolved. We relocated to Manhattan, Kansas from Northeast Pennsylvania in the fall of 2017 and found there were no Halotherapy Centers in the entire State of Kansas, even with the extremely high rate of allergens and an active outdoor community. The solution was to start one! –

Where is Prairie Salt Therapy located? We are located in the Westloop Plaza directly adjacent to Bellus Academy and behind Little Caesars Pizza. Our address is 1140 Westloop Plaza, Manhattan KS 66502.

What does your business do? Prairie Salt Therapy promises guests a unique experience in relaxation and healing. Sit back and relax in the warm glow of Himalayan salt lamps as you sink your feet into the soft salt that covers the heated floors. Breathe in the refreshing, ionized air salinated in our State of the Art Halogenerator. Developed as a drug-free treatment, dry salt therapy brings a once inaccessible, natural healing element from deep within the earth, right here to the doorstep of our Kansas Community. We welcome guests for private, family and group salt therapy sessions six days a week. Additional services include yoga, CranioSacral Therapy, and mindfulness practice. Our goal is to help you breathe better, feel better and perform better by finding that perfect balance of relaxation and renewal.

Who does your business serve? Anyone who breathes!! Specific populations who have shown benefits of Halotherapy include those with any respiratory ailments from small children to all adults. The 2014 issue of the Journal of Medicine and Life has stated Halotherapy patient with chronic bronchial conditions showed increase in anti-inflammatory mechanisms that stimulate the body’s ability to destroy bacteria and viral particles. Athletes, in particular, have been known to benefit from Halotherapy and its aid in recovery.

What makes your business unique? We are the first and only Halotherapy Center in the State of Kansas! This is a popular complimentary therapy in much of the United States as well as many other European Countries. It has been discussed on both Good Morning America and on Dr. Oz. as well as written about in the New York Times.

Anything else the public/businesses should know? We offer single sessions, as well as 6 session punch cards and monthly/six-month/annual unlimited rates. Sessions typically last 45 minutes, but shorter 20-minute sessions are available over lunch and rush hour to accommodate a busy schedule.

Prairie Salt Therapy celebrated their grand opening and ribbon cutting on April 23rd 2019.

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