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April Fools: Vegan Coffee Shop Announced in Manhattan

The 28th coffee shop of our ever-growing city has been announced today. This confirms the fact that our community and student population runs on caffeine and breakfast burritos.

The two brothers opening the shop were raised on a plant-based, whole food, minimalist diet. “One thing we’re excited for with this new shop is that everything will be 100% vegan. The baristas will not be allowed to wear leather boots, or leather aprons while they craft the perfect latte art. The workers will also be asked to follow a strict vegan diet, to continue the brand anthem of course.”

Oat milk.. vegan. Kite Hill Ricotta cheese in your burrito.. vegan. Kombucha and cold brew on tap is a guarantee. You’ll see a featured menu with vegan Poke, Sesame Noodles, Curried Cauliflower Bowls, along with a BBQ Tofu Salad, Bahn Mi Wrap and a classic Konza prairie inspired breakfast burrito (Cholula sauce free of charge!)

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  • Seriously, who cares about a vegan coffee shop?!! PLEASE BRING TRADER JOE’S TO MHK!!!!! It’d certainly attract a MUCH larger audience than a vegan coffee shop!

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