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Village Geek expanding regionally to Downtown Manhattan.

After 5 years of successfully operating The Village Geek, a comic and games store, in McPherson, Kansas, the owners have found the perfect time and location to open a new site.

Owner Richard Martin said, “we ultimately chose Manhattan as the second location city a year ago after deciding it fit our criteria of population size, demographic, and proximity to our flagship store in McPherson.”

The Village Geek Manhattan primarily sells board games and collectible card games like Pokemon and Magic: the Gathering. The space will feature a large room set up with tables to play at, a board game library to rent games from, and even a full espresso bar. 

The Manhattan location is going in on 105 3rd Street, where Piggins BBQ previously operated.

“We are working with the city and construction contractors to get the renovations underway as soon as possible. We are planning a Fall 2017 launch,” Martin said.

Community Through Games

The owners of The Village Geek are committed to providing a strong focus on customer experience. “Gaming is social. We put a lot of focus and emphasis on our mission statement: community through games,” Richard said.

“We love when customers introduce us to new games that they enjoy playing, and in return we introduce them to our favorites,” said Martin. The Village Geek engages the gaming community heavily through social media with information about weekly events, tournaments, and even asking for feedback.

Martin said, “we always want our customers and the gaming community at large to provide feedback on what games they are playing already, what games they want, and how we can help in making the community better.”

 The space will feature 10 playing tables holding up to 60 people, a full espresso bar, and tournaments for Star Wars, Pokemon, Destiny, Magic: the Gathering, etc.
The space will feature 10 playing tables holding up to 60 people, a full espresso bar, and tournaments for Star Wars, Pokemon, Destiny, Magic: the Gathering, etc.

“Our space will have a full espresso bar, as we have managing experience and baristas planning to be trained by a local shop we’re partnering with. We are going to provide top of the line quality,” owners Richard Martin, Jed Litwiller and Titus Brandt believe.

Martin encouraged current customers and anyone in the Manhattan gaming community to follow along on social media for updates on the new store, as well as to engage in feedback mentioned above. “We can take comic book pull list subscriptions now, because it takes 6-8 weeks to receive after the release,” Richard said.


  • These guys have done an amazing job for the last five years in McPherson. The game store they have here is clean, well-lit, well-organized, and family friendly. The staff is passionate about gaming, and eager to make suggestions and answer questions from gaming veterans and first-timers alike. Non-gamers feel welcome and at ease when they walk into the store, unlike many game stores that tend to make non-gamers feel isolated or as if they don’t belong. Manhattan is really fortunate to see these guys expand into that territory.

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