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AdioFit Opening Second Location In Manhattan

Bayo Adio was a track athlete at Northwestern Missouri State, who went on to compete semi-professionally around the world. Bayo then came to Manhattan to train to qualify for the Olympics.

However, after an injury that ended the Olympic Dream, Bayo went back to work and was left looking for a way to stay fit. 

“Pickup basketball and track was a way for me to be social outside of my work, and a way to be more outgoing. It helped me learn those social skills,” Bayo said.

Adio said “after the injury, I had to rethink if I wanted to go back to the corporate world or what I wanted to do. I was working and was trying to find a way to stay fit. I wanted a way for others to join me. I started doing free workouts four years ago so they could join me and then the number of people started multiplying.”

AdioFit is unique and interesting compared to others because it doesn’t have a 24 hour access gym.

“When people come in for a workout, they specifically want a training session with a trainer,” Bayo said.

AdioFit enjoys serving the “middle.” Not just the person who enjoys the treadmill or aerobics, and not just the person who enjoys high intensity crossfit, but the inbetween stage who just want to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Owner Bayo Adio said, “we don’t only focus on fitness. We also really focus on food transformation such as nutrition and how you think about food. When you come to AdioFit, you want to make some sort of transformational change in your life. You’re not only coming for the fitness.”

AdioFit is expecting to be moved into their second location in Manhattan by the end of the first week in November. This studio will be in Candlewood off of Kimble Avenue.

This AdioFit studio will be twice the size at nearly 5,000 sq ft and will feature a large open space for body weight training, an indoor track, turf area and a rubber floor area.

AdioFit has four trainers and the training style is personalized for each person who comes through the doors, so that they are getting exactly what they need.

“We are always looking at how can we make exercise more fun and something that people look forward to,” owner Bayo Adio said.

Folow along for updates at the AdioFit Facebook Page.

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