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Fat Shack to Replace Pita Pit in Aggieville

Pita Pit closed their Aggieville location in Manhattan last November after more than 15 years of business. Fat Shack, a franchise started in Colorado, is set to open in the former Pita Pit location this October or November.

Fat Shack specializes in burgers, wings, and their famous Fat sandwiches. Fat sandwiches are jam-packed with toppings and include chicken fingers, Philly cheesesteak, mozzarella sticks, onion rings and are served sandwich-style on a 6″, 9″ or 12″ roll. In May of 2019, Fat Shack appeared on Shark Tank and struck a deal with Mark Cuban for $250,000 and 15% of the company. Cuban was impressed with the company’s $22 million in liftetime sales since 2010.

Fat Shack has a strong family culture and believes in outstanding customer service whether is 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning. Several other menu items include deep fried cheesecake bites, fried Oreos, wings, shakes, and more.

Fat Shack sandwich

Why Manhattan? Why Aggieville? “Having grown our concept in neighboring Colorado over the past 5+ years, we’ve always had our eyes on Kansas.” Fat Shack has 10 current locations across Colorado, 3 in Texas, and 2 in Washington.

The University towns are usually stop #1 for Fat Shack in a new area. “Manhattan is an awesome town and with our slogan “Late Night Done Right” we believe Aggieville is the perfect spot to set up shop. We will be adding a bigger Hood & Ventilation System, enclosing the kitchen a bit more and doing a general refresh of the space.”

This location will have a local Kansas based ownership group. “They are truly an incredible group of people, all based in Kansas, with years of experience in the restaurant industry. They share our philosophy of promoting from within and fit perfectly into Fat Shack culture.”

The Fat Shack® was created in February of 2010 by Tom Armenti. After graduating with a degree in Marketing from The College of New Jersey, Tom set out to bring his College and surrounding town a desperately needed solution to their lack of late-night food options.  With only $5,000 on hand to start the business, Tom creatively partnered with a local bagel shop which opened daily for breakfast and closed after lunch. Once the bagel shop’s staff left for the day, Tom would re-open the store and operate his new late night restaurant from 6PM to 4AM. After visiting family in Northern Colorado, Tom knew that a town like Fort Collins was the perfect place to set up shop.  He returned to Jersey, packed his car, moved halfway across the country and opened the doors to Fat Shack Fort Collins in August 2011.

 For more information and updates about their grand opening, follow along online.

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