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Harrys Deli transforming into private dining space.

Harry’s Restaurant announced Friday that it will permanently close Harry’s Deli in August to create a private dining space.

The managing team said the deli’s last day will be Friday, August 18th, and the private dining space is scheduled to open in October. The restaurant opened its deli in 1993, originally calling it Howdy’s before rebranding it as Harry’s Deli in 2011.

Evan Grier, managing partner of Harry’s, the deli and Bourbon and Baker, said in a press release that “as Harry’s has evolved, cultivating a growing patron base and earning recognition as one of the premier dining experiences in the Midwest, the needs of our guests also have evolved. This renovation creates an opportunity to meet our customers needs; with the exceptional atmosphere, hospitality and quality that define the Harry’s guest experience we’ve worked hard to create.”

“It is both exciting and bittersweet for our team as we plan for the future of our restaurant.”Grier noted.

The renovation will be spearheaded by BHS Construction and BBN Architects. The new space they’re creating will be configured to function either as two independent private dining spaces — each with the capacity to seat 32 guests — or as a single room to accommodate 75 guests in a cocktail reception format.

The restaurant will offer a two, three or four-course group menu in the smaller room arrangements and a cocktail-style event format with a selection of heavy hors d’oeuvres in the large room format.

Andrea Grier, operating partner and Evan’s wife, thanked the community for supporting the deli for more than two decades.

“From the countless customers who joined us for lunch through the years to the downtown business community and our current and former staff, whose time and talents made the Deli one of the best lunch spots in Manhattan, we thank you all,” she said.

“Most importantly, we’ve savored the opportunity to create lasting friendships with you, our customers, the downtown business community, and our current and former staff, whose time and talents made the DELI one of the best lunch spots in Manhattan. Harry’s DELI will always have a very special place in our hearts and memories as we look to the future of our flagship restaurant, Harry’s.” Evan and Andrea stated.

“We also want to thank the Wareham family and McCullough Development for their support as our restaurant team prepares for the DELI’s transformation. Wareham family patriarch Harry Pratt Wareham — a seminal figure in the history of Manhattan, Kansas, whose entrepreneurial spirit helped shape downtown in the early 20th century — provides the namesake for our restaurant and historic hotel building in which it is housed.”

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