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Hibachi Hut looking for new name.

Manhattan, KS – Bud and Bob Cox and Dave Dreiling, owners of the long time Hibachi Hut in Manhattan, have set out on a mission to reimagine the name and first impression associated with the cajun style restaurant.

“Our current name gives the wrong impression about our menu… and doesn’t make you think of the authentic New Orleans cuisine that we serve today.” Hibachi Hut posted to their Facebook Page on July 14th.

The most interesting part of this change however.. the restaurant is relying on their customers and the public to cast potential name ideas. This round of casting potential name ideas ended yesterday, and now it is on to voting for the final two choices. This entire process went unannounced ahead of time, causing many to leave crude remarks on the posts.

Hibachi Hut posted yesterday afternoon on Facebook again stating, “Let us start by saying THANK YOU for all your feedback on the name of our beloved Hut! We read every single comment and truly appreciate all the suggestions you offered. With that, we’ve narrowed it down to two. Please go to www.hibachihut.com/poll one final time to vote for the one you think will best capture the quality of food and good times had at The Hut!”

The restaurant first opened in 1959 in the Aggieville District, and has since been newly restored and officially reopened downtown Manhattan on Poyntz Ave across from the Courthouse.

If you find it necessary to help with the name change, cast your vote here.

The Hibachi Hut Facebook Page has a place for your feedback, and the restaurant mentioned they are reading all of the comments for consideration in the process.

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