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Manhattan Connected Fair Trade Store Looking For Buyer

Fair Trade is a global movement made up of a diverse network of producers, companies, shoppers, advocates, and organizations putting people and planet first.

Two years ago, Amy Kay brought fair trade to Poyntz Avenue in Manhattan because she believes in quality products made by well paid and cared for people around the world.

Fair Trade is important because it ensures that the producers of all of these good products were paid well and treated well. They have a long term relationships with Importers so that they know more work will be coming. These are the reasons we care about Fair Trade… and their stuff is awesome.  -Amy Kay, Owner of Connected Fair Trade

Connected Fair Trade has two locations in Kansas with the other store located in Lindsborg. A third store was operated in Salina and was recently sold.

This morning a release was shared by store owner Amy Kay that the Manhattan store is for sale and looking for a buyer. The price for the store is only for the product and fixtures.

There is truly no better deal than this for a person who loves Fair Trade and wants to own a sweet shop.  We have a gracious landlord who is offering me a buyout on my lease for the space, but I’d much rather the store continue on for people near and far. Carri, our Manager, and I will be happy to provide consultation so that the store has a seamless transition and the new owner rocks it easily.

The release continued with, “we’ve renovated a perfectly positioned space, enjoy a good relationship with the University, many churches have shown us their collective support, travelers frequent us because of our great location and we have an awesome core of local customers who consistently vote for Fair Trade with their purchases. We’re sincerely happy to help pave the way for you or someone you know to know to profit with an ethical, Fair Trade business.”

Connected Fair Trade is located at 327 Poyntz Avenue.

Learn more on their website at https://www.connectedfairtrade.com.

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