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JS Sign & Awning Seized by Kansas Department of Revenue

A red “seized” sign appeared on each door of three suites JS Sign & Awning operates out of yesterday located at 2726 Amherst Avenue. The company was shut down for failure to pay a total of $46,467.00 in sales and withholding taxes in 2018 and 2019. A Kansas Department of Revenue spokesperson confirmed that the state has taken possession of all known bank accounts, on-site cash, business inventory and personal property assets belonging to owner John Stroh.

JS Sign & Awning moved into the current location in December 2012 and has been in operation since 1992. Stroh founded the company as a one person vinyl sign shop and has grown into a full service sign, awning and fabrication company. An attempt to reach Stroh for comment was unsuccessful.

The sign company recently constructed a brand new apple for the famous Little Apple Ball-drop in 2017 that attracts hundreds of people every year in Aggieville and donated the letters for the “Welcome to Manhattan” sign in collaboration with Thomas Sign and Graphics, along with many other recognizable signs around town.

Several businesses who have paid for services and have not received their product recently are searching for an answer about refunds or their product delivered.

John Peterson, a spokesperson from the Kansas Department of Revenue, confirmed that refunds and undelivered products and services are between the customer and owner of JS Sign & Awning. Stroh has 48 hours from time of seizure to pay the total before the state permanently owns the assets and sends it to auction. Peterson said Stroh is working with the KDOR to get the seizure lifted.

Warrant execution occurs when all other collection attempts, including multiple letters, telephone calls, letters of impending legal action, tax liens filed with the local district court to secure the debt, previous bank levies and on-site till taps are executed to bring the taxpayer into compliance have been exhausted.

Only after several unsuccessful attempts does the department take the action of seizing assets, which in this instance resulted in the business being closed.

The revenue department’s standard practice is to continually encourage delinquent taxpayers, who are not lawfully filing or paying taxes – such as sales or withholding – to voluntarily enter into a repayment agreement.

8 Total Tax Warrants:

2 Pottawatomie County Sales Tax Warrants:



Riley County Sales Tax & Withholding Warrants:

2018-st-000108, 050, 053, 052, 370

Total Sales Tax $46,177.30

Withholding Tax Warrants: 2019-st-000010 – $289.70

Total of all 8 Tax Warrants: $46,467.00

For concerning customers, contact John Peterson at the Kansas Department of Commerce – 785-368-8344

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