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Junction City Orscheln Farm and Home Now Open

A brand new, approximately 35,000 square foot Orscheln now stands constructed in Junction City located at 121 East Chestnut Street after an 8 month construction period. The store opened over the weekend and features departments including lawn & garden, hunting & fishing, sports & outdoors, pets, tools & repair, clothing, footwear, automobile and more.

Junction City previously had an Orschelns store that was located at 1023 South Washington. As reported by JC Post, store manager, Josh Wolnik said that the outlet needed to build a larger store.

Wolnik continued that “It’s going to have some more departments, spread out our clothing area, actually put a new sporting goods department in so it’s going to be different than customers have been seeing lately. ”

Construction crews from Glove Con Inc. located out of Fulton, Missouri were hired to prepare the site and build metal framing. Local businesses such as T&M Concrete Construction and J&K Contracting were hired to work on the new store according to JC Daily Union.

Project manager, Bud Price said the new location would have a 16,000 outdoor sales area so equipment for sale would not be in the parking lot.

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