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Little Apple Pilates pioneering the Manhattan market with passion and focus.

Hilary Santana, founder and owner of Little Apple Pilates, has a passion for helping others in their personal wellness journey through an avenue called Pilates. She also wasn’t going to let anybody keep her from that.

“I opened this business because nobody would let me work for them. I tried to work for several existing gyms in Manhattan who offer similar services, but they had non-compete rules. I do private lessons and that was considered competition to them.”

“That’s when I started realizing that nobody knows what this is and since I’m just one single person explaining it, it’s me against the world.”

“The people that find me say, “I’ve been looking for you,” or “I’ve done this in other places and it’s been really transforming for me,” owner Hilary Santana said.

Hilary said, “it’s all about the baseline of mechanics. Once they get that, then they can start going to the gym and lifting weights correctly, or go hiking, horse back riding, etc.”

Understanding your body

Hilary Santana has been doing Pilates and teaching for six years. She was trained under Desima Dawdy in Topeka at Pilates Performance & Rehab. Santana got certified from a Physical Therapist of the Kansas City Ballet, Noelle Dowma and has been to training by Pilates pioneer Brent Anderson, founder of Polestar Pilates based out of Miami and worked in NYC. Then, Hilary completed her PMA certification which allows her to train worldwide. She was trained in Kansas City and has a degree in Kinesiology from Kansas State university.

“I got into it because I was studying physical therapy and found Pilates during that time. I didn’t believe in myself until my clients started to avoid needing surgery because they were being healed by understanding the biomechanics of their body.”

Hilary said, “the number one thing I hear is: Oh, is it like yoga but for your core?” According to Santana, Pilates is an innovative system with specially designed apparatus to help cultivate your body to heightened awareness and over the moon synergy in movement. “It is fun, it is hard, it is comforting, it is challenging. Think of it as mechanic work for the body such as you would do mechanic work for a vehicle,” Santana said.

The goal for Little Apple Pilates is to help clients understand their body. “Customers have said that they love coming because we remind them how to use their body. They start to do things I taught them in Pilates while on vacation and it heals their pain. That’s one of the best things about it,” Santana said. 

Little Apple Pilates is officially open for business at 3206 Kimball Avenue and will be hosting a second open house on September 24th between 11:00-1:30pm.

Services and classes offered are Pilates Reformer, Ariel Hammocks, TRX Class, Barre Fitness, Hot Yoga, and Hot Pilates.

Calendar times can be found on Little Apple Pilates Facebook Page. Class descriptions can be found here. 

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