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Lovely Floral Co to provide highly personal experience.

Manhattan, KS – “Flowers have always been a love of mine. I’ve always been picking wildflowers any chance I get. For me, not only was it fun to pick them, but it was such a blessing to give them away and see the joy they brought the receiver.” Auna Cantril, owner of Lovely Floral Co.

For many, starting a business can be really intimidating. There is a complex whirlwind of passion inside that you don’t to go unnoticed, your friends and family encouraging you on, and the fear of failing, among other factors, going on non-stop until you decide to launch, or put it on the back burner.

We enjoy people like Auna, who recognize their passion for something and don’t disregard that feeling. Instead, they push into it and bring it to life. “I’ve grown to love the hard work behind this beautiful industry. I’ve continued to dive in and grow in confidence. It was just a few months ago that I decided I wanted to do this for real.” Cantril said.

Lovely Floral Co serves a wide range of customers with a mission focused on a highly personal and “custom to you” experience.

“I love weddings and that is my specialty. However, flowers can be a part of so many different moments and events. Whether it’s a time of joy and excitement, or a time of sorrow and pain – I am happy to serve you, and “spread a little bit of lovely” wherever it is needed.”

Auna stated that she takes it upon herself to truly gain a knowledge of your taste, style, and what you desire within your floral designs. From that information, she does everything she can to make your dreams come to life. “Lovely Floral Co sells products, yes, but what we truly are doing is selling a service. I’m here to serve you, and it is such an honor to have an opportunity to do so!” Auna noted.

“I’m thanking God for every minute of this journey I’ve been given thus far. I trust that He will guide me and provide me with each and every “next step”. Keep an eye out, though, because I’m sure this is just the beginning!” Wilbur shared.

Auna Cantril – (316)303-4049

Facebook: Lovely Floral Co

Instagram: @co.lovelyfloral

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