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Local Target Begins Renovation and Starbucks Addition

Construction is slated to begin early next week at the Target location in Manhattan at 800 Commons Place.

The store will undergo expansion into the Northeast area of the parking lot and will include more retail space, a fresh next-generation design and a Starbucks cafe.

“Target is increasing our investment to reimagine more than 1,000 stores by the end of 2020, enhancing the guest experience with the next generation of store design,” said Liz Hancock from Media Relations.

The reimagined stores will feature Target’s most ambitious store redesign to date, including modernized design elements and bringing more technology and digital experiences to the stores to give guests an experience that’s easy and inspiring.

In addition to the 110 stores remodeled in 2017, Target plans to fully renovate more than 300 stores annually over the next few years. Those plans include the Manhattan, KS store.

Target will remain open to the public and the construction timeline is unknown at this time.

Learn more information about Targets plans and their next-gen design here.

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