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Orange Sky Yoga opening Tuesday in Aggieville.

Orange Sky Yoga has a new home.

Nestled in the newly remodeled space of Public Hall, 1207 Moro Street in Aggieville, Orange Sky Yoga owner Jessa Voos said, “I’m most excited about bringing yoga to everybody, and creating community through this space.”

Orange Sky is set to have its grand opening this Tuesday, September 5th, for its first public yoga class after moving into the new space. “We diversified and added a ton of new classes, and we made it more accessible financially for people. We hope that we can offer yoga to more people ultimately,” Voos said.

“Jessa was on the edge of town in a place that was hard to access for most of the community, so we rallied around her to be in the city center, after taking her classes regularly,” Diane Meredith said.

The space will feature two yoga studios each holding around 50 during class, spin bikes, private massage therapist, showers, locker storage, retail space for mats, mugs, shirts and merchandise. 1207 Moro will double as an event space in the evenings holding around 150 people.

There is a complementary gathering space for Orange Sky Yoga, including lounge space, nooks, coffee bar, light snacks, and bright meeting spaces that will be open towards the end of this year.

We’re most excited about adding something else for people to love and making this district an even more incredible place to be, while giving more people a reason to be down here,” designer Taylor Carr said.

Alan Hamer said, “I think everyone thinks of Aggieville and knows how cool it is. It’s exciting to give this district, and Manhattan as a whole, something that is for everyone. Bringing yoga to all, giving another place for people to hang out, and creating this space that the whole community can come together in.”

Owner Jessa Voos said, “I do this because I love to see how yoga impacts peoples lives. I’ve had countless people come to me who did not want to try yoga and were completely against it, nervous or intimidated about trying it.”

Jessa said, “I feel like the hardest part of yoga is walking through the door for a lot of people. I want to ease their minds so they feel comfortable walking into their first yoga class and don’t feel like they’re going to be judged, or able to do certain poses or not.”

“I’ve had so many people tell me how much it’s changed their life or it’s made an impact positively in their lives. For me, it’s so fun to witness people through in their journey and I want to continue to see more of that in this new space,” Jessa said.

“We’d love the public to be excited to hang out with everyone here, and join us as we try to bring cool things to Manhattan,” Diane said. “Be open minded to the concept as it might be unique, and come check it out to let us know what we can do better.”

“Just walk in, try it out, and the first class is free!” Jessa said.

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