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Sparrow Specialty Coffee To Relocate Near Aggieville

Sparrow Specialty Coffee is moving to a new location next to Aggieville, filling the gap previously occupied by Christian Books & Gifts at 1437 Anderson Avenue. The transition will begin taking place in the next month, and they are already staffed for the new location.

Their current capacity of 36 will increase to 50, providing more room for customers to enjoy conversation, along with Sparrow’s slow bar style of coffee. It’s still up in the air whether or not the old location will remain open, but the owners would like for that to be the case.

“One of the goals of Sparrow when we started was to minister to the demographic of Kansas State University, and this will fulfill that part of the vision. We partner with Church of the Nazarene and there will be a service moving to Sparrow on Sunday evenings,” said manager Scott Nading.

The new location will feature an intentional spot for music, meeting space, a small book section, and outdoor patio seating to use when the weather is nice.

According to their website, “The goal of Sparrow Specialty Coffee is to connect people with the love of Christ. We do this by focusing on community. Giving each and every person a place to belong and feel welcome allows a conversation a chance to begin, grow, and thrive. That is the mission, to create community and conversation.”

You can keep up with the move and their newest offerings on their Facebook page.

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