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Wainwright Eye Care To Bring New Building to Grand Mere

A new building is coming to the Grand Mere area of Manhattan, with expected completion sometime this Fall. It will be located at 2012 Vanesta Place, next to the fire station and SMH consultants. This project is led by young business owners and optometrists Dr. Kyle Wainwright, OD, and Dr. Nicole Trabuc, OD.

Both doctors graduated from University of Houston College of Optometry in 2012. After graduating, they knew they wanted to come back to Kansas – Dr. Wainwright is native to the Manhattan area, graduating from Riley County high school in 2004, and Dr. Trabuc grew up in rural southeast Kansas. Soon thereafter, Dr. Wainwright had the opportunity to start their first location of Wainwright Eye Care, and Dr. Trabuc was able to find a great office in Wamego to start practicing. Everything fell into place, and they have been practicing at these locations ever since. With the opening of the second location, Dr. Nicole Trabuc will be able to work out of Manhattan as well, which has been a long-term goal for the couple. When asked about living in Manhattan, Dr. Trabuc said, “We love the Manhattan community and look forward to being more involved; we have two young boys and look forward to raising them in this community.” After the second location is open, one of the doctors will be available at either location on different days of the week.

 Source: Anderson Knight Architects  Facebook Page
Source: Anderson Knight Architects Facebook Page

The building is being designed using innovative VR methods from Anderson Knight Architects. When asked about this part of the experience, Dr. Trabuc said, “We used Anderson Knight Architects for our project and it has been wonderful. The photo renderings are awesome. They look so real and I can’t wait to see the final building come together. It’s crazy the amount of people from different areas it takes to build a building. That old saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is somewhat true, but what’s more realistic is ‘it takes a village to build a building.’ I’m confident we have the best village working on our building and we’re thankful for all of them.”  

The building will have four suites, including Wainwright Eye Care and a fitness center. The other two spaces (one 2000 sq. ft, one 2500 sq. ft.) are currently being advertised for lease. If interested, you can either contact Nicole at or Kyle at The information is also listed on the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce website. Meanwhile, you can follow along with the building updates on the Wainwright Eye Care Facebook page.

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