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WTC Fiber to Stretch Across Manhattan in 2018.

WTC saw an opportunity while expanding their Fiber Optic Technology rurally over the last 25 years.

“As our expansion of Fiber was happening around Wamego, the closer we got to St. George, Green Valley, and other new developments in the area, we learned that businesses were only getting 6mb internet speeds. And then we saw the price they had to pay for it too,” said General Manager Jeff Wick.

The Fiber to Manhattan project by WTC is structured in two phases, and comes with no contracts, guaranteed speeds of 1 gigabit, and local 24/7 service and support.

Phase 1 has already been completed. This phase stretched from Lake Elbo Road, into Manhattan city limits on Highway 24, Poyntz Avenue, and Casement Road.

Phase 2 is underway and stretches from 3rd street, to 17th Street, Osage Street to beyond Fort Riley Blvd.

“After that, the goal is to cover the West side of Manhattan and provide every business the opportunity of Fiber Optic Technology by 2019,” GM Wick said.

“Manhattan is a large growing community. We are providing Fiber Optic to businesses only in Manhattan, with companies such as Purple Wave getting connected as soon as we got there.”

Big Speeds, Local Service

While Fiber Optic will boast symmetrical speeds of 1 gigabit upload and download, WTC also offers local 24/7 service and support. Wick said, “if it’s 1am and something isn’t working right and we can’t fix it remotely, we will dispatch a technician to make the service call.”

One of the most appealing benefits of Fiber service with WTC is that there are no contracts.

“The best part is, we have no contracts. We think that our service should continue to be great everyday, where you don’t feel stuck and unhappy in a contract. That’s not fair and nobody should face that issue as a paying customer,” Product and Service Manager Gary Aufdemberge said. 

WTC guarantees the speed of 1 gigabit to your individual business, instead of sharing speeds off of a single node for multiple businesses like the competitors provide.

WTC also has zero installation fees. “If you want Fiber internet from Other providers in the area, they charge you to lay it to your business. Then, if you’re unhappy and stuck a contract, you’re also stuck with the fees to pay off from the installation,” Gary said.


The Fiber being laid in Manhattan is buried underground, resulting in the best option in the long run as it provides stability and reliability.

Wick and Aufdemberge are more than happy with all of the communication for this project between Gina Scroggs of Downtown Manhattan and WTC. “The great face to face communication here locally has resulted in clear timelines of mapped out phases for this project. Because of this, no hiccups have occurred,” Wick was proud to say.

Wick said, “we do not want to disappoint and ask for a little patience if you’re on the West side, as these construction projects don’t happen overnight. Embrace this opportunity and pre-sign up if you’re looking for state-of-the-art communication services.”

WTC has an office in Manhattan within Blue Earth Plaza and their main office is on Lincoln Street in Wamego.


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