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Local Yoga Instructor Passionate About Health.

“If you have your health, you can do anything you want, and if you don’t, you can’t.  Simple as that.” Diane Rogers, instructor at Yoga with Diane.

Diane Rogers has a calming yet passionate perspective on her experience with yoga, and offered an insight into how she has incorporated yoga into her life, as well as offering classes for the community.

“True health is vital and I have found yoga to be a great component of being healthy. In short, learning to practice yoga saved me from a life of physical and emotional misery.” Diane shared with us.

“Health is created and sustained primarily by the choices we make each day. I choose health; I choose yoga; I choose life.”

Practicing true yoga improves body image and self-esteem, it creates peace of mind, builds self-confidence, and relieves stress. Stress has been identified as the greatest risk factor to any chronic disease. “It’s caused not only by situations and events, both good and bad, but by how we choose to view and interpret all of life’s experiences. Depending on how you practice yoga or who is teaching, yoga can help you learn how to see and feel things in a healthier, less stressful way.” Diane said.

By the numbers

Over 36 million Americans were regularly practicing yoga in 2016, up from only 20 million in 2012. Amazingly, nearly 40% of the total U.S. population said they are very likely to try yoga in the next 12 months.

“The data tells a compelling story,” says Carin Gorrell, editor in chief of Yoga Journal. “More people than ever across all age groups are realizing the benefits of yoga, from stress relief to flexibility to overall well-being. Yoga is a thriving, growing industry.”

 Photo by  Bekah Hastings Photo
Photo by Bekah Hastings Photo

The top five reasons for starting yoga are: flexibility (61 percent), stress relief (56 percent), general fitness (49 percent), improve overall health (49 percent), and physical fitness (44 percent.)

“Beyond yoga’s increasing popularity, what’s fascinating is the data shows that those who practice and teach yoga have measurably better perceptions of their individual strength, balance, dexterity, and mental clarity versus non-practitioners,” said Yoga Alliance Executive Director and COO Barbara Dobberthien.

“Practitioners are also much more likely to be involved in a variety of other forms of exercise, as well as focused on sustainable living and eating.” said Dobberthien.

A personal experience

“After practicing yoga for several years, I decided I wanted to learn to share it as a path to peace and good health. In 2008, I became ACE certified in teaching yoga. Then in 2011, I started training with nationally known instructors hosted at The Yoga School of Therapeutics in Kansas City and eventually earned the 500-hour yoga instructor designation.” Diane noted.

“Over time my understanding of yoga has evolved and expanded. My style encourages careful, intentional practice, focusing on breathing and creating a strong connection between breath, body movement, and poses. My students learn to let go of stress and open up physically and mentally.” said Rogers.

 Photo by  Bekah Hastings Photo
Photo by Bekah Hastings Photo

“Teaching private lessons tailored to individuals who cannot or do not want to attend regular classes or who needed physical rehab of some kind is a specialty of mine. Ultimately, to understand yoga, you just have to do it.”

“With consistent practice, you can expect to receive all the benefits I have mentioned and more.” Diane said.

Diane offers her classes in several different locations around town.

  • The Fellow – Currently offering weekly classes on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings at 5:30.
  • K-State Noontime Yoga – Wednesdays, a free class, open to the public, sponsored by UFM.
  • Small group and private lessons are by appointment and can take place either at The Fellow or at a suitable location of your choice.

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